Saturday, January 31, 2009

The winner for the Word Inspired Challenge 2 is...

Michelle!! Congrats Michelle! :) Here's the winning layout!

And here's what you've won!!

Everyone start planning for Challenge 6! I hope everyone will have fun... No stress!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Entries for Word Inspired Challenge 2

Here's the word image for this 2nd Word Inspired Challenge...

"Image produced by"

And here are the pages by all who tried out this challenge.

"two thousand nine resolutions" by Yannie

i used the word....
Create ~ in hoping to create more los in 2009
Capture ~ to snap more so that i can sharpen my photography skill an scrap more..
Happy ~ cause i have make more friends thru scrapping
and i used three pattern paper in total....the art and photography are cut out from pattern paper too..and i used alpha stickers
Feli says:
Love how she used the words from the image on her layout, and that PP just goes so well with the theme!

"loved" by Tessah

I am a loved wife
important days
my Happy life
Feli says:
What a sweet layout! :) Love the flower cut-outs she added to the page...

"2009 Wishes" by Wati K


I'm very much inspired by the theme. I retained the original idea of placing strips of PPs horizontally and vertically on the right side of page. Instead of the word 'resolution', I used 'wishes' and incorporated cut-out phrases from a PP. I also added in my own interpretation of the phrases which are stuffs that I hope to continue/start doing in 2009.

Feli says:

I love how she interpreted the image! I totally love her no photo layout! Love how she changed the word 'resolution' to 'wishes' and did a page about what she'd like to achieve in 2009. Hope her wishes come true! :)

"no more photos" by Michelle


I am inspired by the X-Y axis design, the word theme and the neutral colours. I started by going through my stash looking for pps with words and embellishments in neutral colours. Then I start the LO with the X-Y axis design and build it from there. This LO is about my son's reaction to having a camera in front of his face all the time ! I selected words and numerals related stickers as embellishments and placed them in different orientation as inspired by the challenge.

Feli says:

What a cool page with all the words on the PPs and embellishments.. Love her interpretation about the colours and orientation of the words. Great planning with what to use on her layout...

"Little Boys are so... curious" by June


I was inspired by the shape the words made as a whole so I arranged my photos and elements to mimic it.

Feli says:

Love how she arranged the alphas to follow the scroll.. and lovely colours! Great play with the layout of different elements...

"2009 goals, hopes, dreams" by Renoa


I was inspired by the words and the placement. Great challenge to start the new year Tried various techniques and I just love the different textures. I crumpled the edges, tear, sewed the pp to give that scruffy look, distressed the photo, dabbered acrylic paint onto bubble wrap & stamped away. I also did few strokes onto mesh wire for the alphas to give some depths.. and...that beautiful vintage metal on top left is an earring i bought few months ago.. Thought it could be useful I also grabbed the burlap to matt the hambly and brad metal it!

Feli says:

A page full of textures!! There's so much techiniques involved and so much to see! love the play of textures and composition of the layout!

"Scrapbooking is Groovie" by Edleen


Photo of moi @ Petronas Towers in KL. The photo flips open held by ribbons & brads with some doodling of my own inspired by the Kelly Panacci pp. i wrote down what my SB Resolutions are for 2009.

Feli says:

Great use of the words PPs and her doodling totally goes with the PP! Love how the photo flips open to reveal the journaling...

"2009 Resolution" by Georgina


I love the theme "2009 Resolution" for this challenge so for this layout, I use the same Title and the vertical lines which is totally cool. The words are perfect for my New Year Resolution coz I plan to create and have lots of fun doing it this year. The small photo says it all for creativity and the color of my layout shouts FUN!

Feli says:

Love the colours she used and her interpretation!! That PP is so suited for her 2009 resolution! Hope she has lots of fun creating this year!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Challenge 5: Words Inspired 2

Here's the 2nd Words Inspired challenge. Here's the image to inspire you... The challenge is to use this image to inspire you to create a layout... Click on the image to get a larger view of it... To find out more about how the Words Inspired challenge works, check it out here...

"Image produced by"

Here's my take on the challenge... I started out with weaving some strips of PP as a highlight on the background sheer sheet. I used the placement of the title to follow the one in the image.

Email me at feliscraps_challenge [at] with a maximum of 3 photos of your layout by 28th January, 12 noon. Voting starts right after all the layouts are posted on the blog!

I hope this challenges you to come up with something creative! So let your creative juices flow, DO IT DIFFERENT and just have fun! :) I can't wait to see what you come up with...