Sunday, August 31, 2008

Graphic Inspired Challenge

For Graphic Inspired Challenge, the idea is for you to use the illustration to inspire you to create a layout.

Here's where i'll be getting the illustrations from.... Here's an introduction about the designer of these illustrations, Sokkuan...
"Base in Singapore after her graduation from The One Academy of Communication Art in Kuala Lumpur, Sokkuan is currently a commercial illustrator with versatile illustration styles. Her work has been used by clients like Nokia, Motorola, Heineken, Coca-cola, Pepsi, Nike etc.

On another hand, Sokkuan has Sophie Black as her personal project. She loves simplicity with necessary details and adores people and things that are in harmonious contradictions, the same way she appreciates black and white.. Sophie Black is the epitome of such paradox. She appears to be mischievous, strange, bewitching and sinister but when told about her appearance she giggles like a child full of glee. She has a few beloved friends who reflects her quirky characters in some ways.

In 2007, Tiger Translate, a Tiger Beer initiative to showcase emerging Asian contemporary artists, has selected Sokkuan as one of 75 Tiger's Asian Kinetic Artists across Asia-Pacific. Sophie Black was showcased in that event.

In the same year, a joint exhibition with Kuanth (, titled "See you in the dark." was held, this has given Sokkuan a chance to develop Sophie Black's character more than just the outlook.Prior to the above, she served as an art director in OgilvyOne Worldwide, Singapore from 2002 to 2005."

A question for you to think about, from the graphic illustration, what is it that inspires you to create the layout? It can be anything at all. It can be the colours, the composition of the illustration or the images within the illustration. Here are just some ideas on what you can use as inspiration for this challenge.

How you use what inspires you is up to your imagination...

Have fun with the GRAPHIC and DO IT DIFFERENT!!

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