Sunday, August 31, 2008

How does the Challenge work?

There'll be four different types of challenges, 1 challenge per month... And the challenge will be either a layout or project, sometimes it is free for you to decide whether you want to submit a layout or project. The challenge will be quite open ended. So you are free to interpret the challenge and come up with something with YOUR interpretation of the challenge.

1) Words Inspired- Use the Words image as inspiration
2) Stash Inspired- Use a particular stash, colour, theme as inspiration
3) Graphic Inspired- Use Graphic illustration as inspiration
4) Technique Inspired- Use a certain technique as inspiration

I'll do up my interpretation of the challenge as an example. However, there's no need for you to interpret the challenge the same way.

How to Submit your layout / project?
Email me at feliscraps_challenge [at] with a maximum of 3 photos of your layout / project. To submit, you have to include the following:

1) Subject of Email: HappyScraps: ______ Inspired Challenge ___ Submission
2) Title of Layout / Project
3) Description of Layout / Project (A short description will do)

I know how sometimes details in the layout / project can't really be seen from the photos. So a short description of what inspired you to do what you do will be good. It can be what you feel is important for us all to know.

The deadline for each challenge will be the 28th/29th of the month at 12 noon.

How is the winner chosen?
The contestants are the judges! The winner will be based on rankings by everyone who took part in the challenge including me and adib who is helping me out with the challenges. :)

- Once the layouts/projects have been posted on the blog (on the 29th/30th of the month), I'll send an email to the contestants for their ranking.
- Rank the layouts/projects in order of preference - eg. With 5 contestants, 5 points for the best layout/project.
- The one who has the most points wins!
- Results will be released on the 30th or 31st of the month.

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