Saturday, November 1, 2008

Entries for Stash Inspired Challenge 1

For the first Stash Inspired Challenge, it is all about...

And here are the pages and project by all who tried out this challenge.

"Her Smile" by Stephanie

Since the ribbons is the main use of this challenge, and i do not own much, instead i used laces & flowers to enhance the photo.

Feli says:

I love how she used the lace to frame up the photo! it just brings focus to Aloysia's smile...

"up on dad's shoulders" by June


I loved how the ribbons gave the layout extra texture. I wanted to add something to represet the sun and somehow the red ginham ribbon caught my eye so I added a chipboard button to complete my sun.

Feli says:

Love how June used bright colours and ribbons to brighten up her page... And i like the flower she made out of ribbons, it adds a nice touch to the page...

"feeling great @ 38" by Edleen

I used ribbons to "decorate" my layout of me feeling great @ 38! photo taken with my Sony Ericcson! Couldn't find the right cut outs, so i doodled my own and also sprayed glimmer mist on flocked chipboard numbers.

Feli says:
Love how Edleen created a cheerful page by using the different coloured ribbons. Great photo and that doodling of the cut-out is just awesome! It looked like it came from a PP! :)

"Victoria B" by Hariyani


First and foremost, I've just produced a She-Lamp :) I altered a white ikea lamp. What inspired me was 'sugar n spice n everything nice' and a little bit victorian. and thus the name 'Victoria B'.
Victoria = victorian & B = Babe :)
And it cant be helped that i love PINK.. Therefore the 'pink ribbons infested lamp'!
I used the ribbons as tassle at the bottom and I added bling bling to add a little weight to it. And 3 different types of ribbon to tie the ribbons :D And of course prima flowers to top it off! And not forgetting the green ribbon to act as he 'leaves'.

Feli says:

Love how she altered a lamp! what a cool idea! now she has her very own lamp! and a sweet PINK lamp.. :) i especially love how she let the ribbons at the bottom drape, it adds a nice touch to the lamp...

Thanks ladies for your submissions! hope to see you try out the next challenge! Now it's time for these ladies to rank the layouts and project... Winner will be announced tmr! Stay tuned!

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