Thursday, April 15, 2010

Entries for Technique Inspired Challenge 5

For Technique Inspired Challenge 5, the challenge was to play with paints on our layouts / projects!

Here are the entries i received for this challenge...
"Show Me How" by June

I painted part of the paper and then stamped on it.

Feli says:
Love how she whitewashed the paper so that the stamping is more apparent! It also helps to tone down the patterns on the background...

"that Face" by Edleen

I recycled the BOSS tag from a denim jeans and made my own felt car. Painted along the the border as if to create a frame and distressed on the paint with ink. i actually used 2 paints here where the colours are almost similar. but the other one is a dried up paint which i just basically pressed on the layout.

Feli says:
I love the distressed look and how the paint colours create a frame around the photos!

"melaka" by Georgina

I decided to paint the front and back cover of my Album. The Front Cover, I painted the edge using Kaiser Crafters Acrylic paint. I painted a little pink to frame the title of the album.

Feli says:
The album is so pretty with all the colours and flowers!!

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