Monday, October 6, 2008

Challenge 2: Stash Inspired

Here's a layout i did for my own challenge using lots of ribbons... I did this layout on a wooden board...
Here's my title that describes my photo.. See Me Move!!! And I've used up the magnetic ribbon tabs which i bought a long time ago! :)
I love how i'm using up my ribbons for this challenge! I tried to give different textures by overlapping the ribbons and using them to hold the photo in place... I also tied the ribbons the ribbons together and create flowers with them..
Did this for Artz de Scrap's October challenge and for my challenge by altering this glass bottle... it turned out to look like a monster.. :p but i love the various textures created using fibers...
Did some weaving and tying of the various fibers together... No adhesives was used in this project...

Hope you like how i'm using my ribbons! And inspire you to try out this challenge! :)


  1. Let me try a little rhyme here :)

    Use your stash and lay them out,
    Make something awesome and make yourself proud.
    Rub-ons, Papers, Ribbons and Buttons,
    Enjoy yourself and make it different!

  2. hehe! what a cute rhyme! i hope everyone have fun with this challenge...:)

  3. here's my poem for you,

    all the stuff that you Create
    always turns out so great
    you certainly have alot of stash
    and that makes your work so fresh!

    hehe...not so great but hope you like it :)

    have a great week Felicia!

  4. wow your altered bottle/vase is really some form of art!!!! love the fibers around the glass.