Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NEW HappyScraps blog!!

Welcome to HappyScraps!! Do feel free to check out the past challenges and also join in this month's Stash Inspired Challenge!

I've just created a NEW blog for HappyScraps!! :) And I love this colourful logo adib designed for me!

To celebrate having a new blog and our 1 year anniversary last month, I would like to give away a RAK to 1 lucky supporter of our challenges! =)
To win the RAK, add yourself as a follower and leave a comment to tell us which is your favourite type of challenge (Words / Stash / Graphic / Technique) and why.

Looking forward to hear from you and all the best!! The winner will be picked this Sunday!


  1. lovely blog felicia!!!! i love challenges!!

    not sure which is my fav, as i never did all of them yet, but i think i will like stash and graphic challenges, as i will have a lot of inspiration from the stash n graphic but at the same time still have the freedom to do whatever i want and to use whatever technique and style.

    Thanks and all the best!

  2. Love this blog and love the colourful logo ! It makes me feel *happy* !!

    My favourite is Words Inspired. I am not 100% sure why but I think the usually linear word images appeal to me. I find inspirations from the images very quickly.


  3. Congrats on the challenge blog Felicia!
    I love the graphic inspired challenge...it allows for visual manipulation which appeals to me! :)

    I hope to play along this month!

  4. This is a very interesting & creative blog!

    I'm usually a visual person, without looking at any lo I would say graphic inspired.


    Having seen what u did with the Word inspired lo, I have to say, my fav. is the Word inspired challenge.

    I've never tried this b4, would certainly love to give it a go at this. Excellent challenge!

  5. congrats girl on your new challenge blog.... we will add you to Pile it On! website under scrapbooking, is that ok?

    -- dalis

    oh... my fav. type of challenge is stash... why?? oh Lord... I need to reduce my stash BADLY!!!!!

  6. i especially enjoy technique challenges as makes me try something different.

    good luck with everything. I am having a comp over at my blog, come and have a look

  7. hello feli!

    i'd have to say a tie between technique- and words-inspired, although i've not played along before. Your LOs for these two are especially awesome and out-of-the-box!

  8. Hello Felicia! I tried commenting before but didn't manage to succeed.. Anyway, I love the Words and Technique inspired challenges, they are really "out of the box"! I hope I can manage to take part in some challenges *soon*.. when the never-ending mountain of work finally begins to diminish!

  9. thanks for your lovely comments, ladies! would love to hear more from you ladies! do try out this month's challenge! :)

  10. i've just found this blog, Feli. Great job! Wud love to try all the challenges but love the stash challenge the most!

  11. Hey Hey Felicia!

    Love your colourful and cheerful blog!

    I'd say that my fav challenge would be the WORDS challenge coz I just love words and it really gives me inspiration to do a layout base on the words used. It actually helps when there is WORDS to help me start on my creative fun!!

    But then again, I always love to see what you come out for your technique challenge. Always put a smile on my face when I see your interpretation.